All about Coin Laundry and Launderettes

Buying and Selling

The preferred way to buying and selling a Laundromat is going thru a reliable and reputable Laundromat broker. One can also choose the “do it yourself” way of course, but for the sake of better due diligence and security, it is best to find a broker that will have your best interests at hand.
For Laundromat brokers in the Los Angeles, Orange County or Southern California area please contact us directly for an assessment of your needs. Always make sure to check references and with the Better Business Bureau. The cost of hiring a broker or a consultant can prove inexpensive relative to the costs one can potentially incur in a bad transaction or venture.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a Laundromat;

The Coin Laundry Business is an attractive operation because of it’s relatively low level of maintenance and potential cash flow. Many people consider this business as a retirement business or as primary business, whatever attracts you to this industry, these are the factors usually considered:

ROI (Return On Investment)

Relative to the time spent on this business, a Laundromat offers very attractive rates of return. Some Laundromats are able to return up to 25% on Investment.

Absentee/Part Time Business

You can run a Laundromat with as little as 3 hours per week. Therefore, this can be the perfect part time business or absentee business.

Tax Benefits

Because of the equipment included in a Laundromat, one is able to use depreciation of equipment against income which leads to great tax benefits.

Recession Proof

While Laundromats are not fully recession proof, people still need to do their laundry. Recessions usually force people, especially in lower income areas to cut back on the frequency of going to the Laundromat. But washing laundry is a must and regardless of economic environment, there always be a supply of customers.

Cash Business

Laundromats are an all cash business

Low Labor Requirements

Labor for Laundromats usually requires minimum skills, therefor labor costs are minimal. One can opt for part time workers or full time and equipment repair can be done at reasonable prices.

Minimum Inventory

Technically speaking, all the inventory you will ever need are for your vending machines. Laundromats function on water, electricity and gas. All variable expenses tied directly to how much the machines are used.

Easy to Sell

Laundromats are highly in demand because of the relative ease of operation and cash flow and there will always be a demand for them. Therefore, this is not a business that would require especial training or much advertising as most people know what a Laundromat does and how it operates.

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