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Brand Names you Should Know

It is important to selectively choose the Laundromat’s equipment, because they determine the quantity of work carried out in the store. Good equipment works effectively and provides you more revenue. Many factors are associated with selecting the right equipment.

High Drum Capacity: Always prefer to have high drum capacity machines, since they can wash more clothes in fewer loads, thus saving your time and money. It will also save your other resources, like power and water supply. Each load can take more clothes which will cater more customers.

Performance of the Machine: You should know reliability of the equipment prior to buying them. Do not just trust the words of the company agent- it is better to take advice from any other unbiased source. You can check websites that offer unbiased information about the product or check out magazines for consumer review.

Equipment Price: Commercial equipment uses a lot of water and power resources. Consider the running cost of the machines, which varies with different models and brands. Compare different options and get the one which suits your requirement.

Repair, Guarantee and replacement of parts: Since the equipment is used for commercial purposes, they are likely to be operated constantly. Go for companies that offer repair services in case of any break down.

Front and Top Loaders: Choose either top or front loaders for your Laundromat, it is absolutely your preference. You should also know which type will be best for your business. Front Loaders will not occupy much space, but in many scenarios you may require a top loader for your Laundromat.

Spin speed of the Equipment: Usually most of the machines are equipped with fast spin speeds, meaning a quicker and more efficient drying cycle. Your money will be saved by opting for a faster spin speed. The spin speed varies with different models and brands.

Please see some of the companies who are specialized in Laundromat equipment. You can visit these websites and also fix an appointment with a local distributor to get details.

- Speed Queen –
- Continental Girbau Inc –
- Milnor (Commercial Laundry Systems) –
- Huebsch –

- Maytag Commercial Laundry –

- Dexter Apache Holdings Inc –
- General Electric Commercial Laundry –
- American Dryer Corporation –
- Ipso (Alliance International develops) –

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