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Operating a Laundromat

Running a Laundromat can be a relatively easy experience because it is for the most part a mechanically automated business. But just like any other business, a Laundromat owner has to make sure the business runs well and customers are happy. The following are some key factors to consider when operating a Laundromat.

- Hours of Operation: Usually Laundromats are open from 6am until 10pm, some prefer to run longer hours or even 24 hours. Schedule should be set according to the needs of the community and the cost of keeping it open vs potential revenues.

- Employees: A Laundromat is a place where people from the community come to wash their laundry and they expect Laundromats to be a clean place. Employees can be hired full time or part time to make sure the store is clean at all times and make supplies such as hand soap, hand towels, restroom supplies, etc. are readily available to customers. Smaller Laundromats are able to operate with part time employees while larger operations should consider hiring full time staff. The key to offer customer a pleasant experience when visiting your store.

- Machine Maintenance: Laundromat owners usually have a technician on call to repair their machines or in a monthly contract where repairmen commit a certain time of the month to come repair or maintain any equipment that needs service.

- Money Collections: Depending on the size of the operation, an owner needs to collect proceeds every week at the very least. If it’s a coin operated Laundry, owners make sure machine’s coin boxes are emptied and bill changers fully stacked with coins. There are some stores that use a card system that can save owners a lot of time collecting coins, the downside however is higher maintenance cost, installation cost, and the fact people usually prefer to use coins.

- Vending Machines: Some machines are serviced by contractors who pay revenue share with Laundromat owners while other machines are owned by the Laundromat. For those that need inventory, an operator should set aside time to buy and stock vending machines every week.

No Laundromat operation is the same. An owner can spend as little as couple of hours a week at the store to dozens of hours depending on the store. But overall, time required to run a Laundromat is on the flexible side and that is one of factors that make this business so attractive.

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