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Commercial Washers and Dryers

A commercial Laundromat operation requires a combination of commercial washers and dryers to satisfy customer’s needs. In this section, we will go over the types of washing and drying equipment needed to operate a Laundromat.

Top Load Washers – Also known as an V-axis clothes washer, is a very popular machine where a vertically mounted basket is contained within a water retaining tub with an agitator in the middle. The machine loads from the top covered by a door. These machines are most popular in North America, Latin America and Oceania. They are not considered to be water efficient when compared to other models but many people are used to them and prefer them.

Tumble Dryers – These are the machines that remove moisture from clothes after a wash. They consist of a rotating metal drum with orifices, also known as tumbler, that lets heated air flow through while the machine rotates the tumbler. The dryer is loaded though the front of the machine and the door is generally made out of commercial grade glass.

Stack Tumble Dryers – This machine consists of one tumble dryer stacked on top of another. These machines are popular due to its efficient use of space. However, they are generally not as effective as stack dryers when extracting moisture and some Laundromat customers prefer single stack dryers for that reason.

Front Load Washers – This is also known as the H-axis clothes washer. In this design, the inner washing basket and the outer tub are placed horizontally in the machine. The clothes are loaded though the front and there is usually a glass door that allows one to see the clothes inside the machine. This type of washer is the most water efficient and very popular in Laundromats around the world. They have varying capacities from 20lbs to 250 lbs.

Main Manufacturers of Washers and Dryers include

Dexter, Wascomat, Continental, Unimac, Speed Queen, Huebsch.

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