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Manufacturers of Washers and Dryers

Selecting the right equipment for a new or existing Laundromat needs careful consideration as there are many manufacturers to choose from. On this section, we will go over the main commercial washer and dryer manufacturers who specialize in the Laundromat industry. But before going over the manufacturers, one should become familiarized with the equipment needed to operate a Laundromat. The following are the best known manufacturers in the Coin Laundry Industry.

Dexter – One of my favorite equipment brands is Dexter. This company was founded in the late 1800′s in America and is based out of Iowa. They offer a complete line of front loaders and dryers and from my personal experience their products are very reliable. In addition, they can also help existing and new Laundromat investors with store design and general business advice. To request a catalog or find out where your local Dexter distributor is located, go to

Wascomat – This company was founded in the 1950′s by an engineer and was the first to introduce the stainless steel front load washer to America at a time where top loaders were the norm in Laundromats at a time. The company is run by the son of the founder and it has a good reputation in the industry for its quality and service.

Continental – Also known as Continental Girbau was officially founded in 1995. However, the parent company Girbau Group is a world renowned manufacturer of laundry equipment. Originally from Spain, the Girbau group was founded in the 1920′s and has prescience in over 90 countries. The equipment from Continental enjoy a solid reputation and it has been gaining market share in the North American market.

Unimac – Unimac was founded shortly after WWII and has a history of introducing new technologies to commercial Laundry industry. They offer a complete line of washers and dryers and enjoy a good reputation on their products and services.

Speed Queen – This is a well known brand that manufactures all the equipment necessary to run a Laundromat. It is owned by Alliance Laundry, which is a finance company and they will be eager to provide financing options for their equipment. The brand itself is ok but not at par with brands such as Dexter, Continental or Huebsch.

Huebsch – This is another centennial company that manufactures a full line of equipment for Laundromats. From personal experience, their commercial dryers are well made. However, they do have a line of washers named “Horizon” which have a less than stellar reputation in the industry. While efficient, they are well known to break down a lot and they are every Laundromat repairman’s dream (or nightmare). Also, they are closely aligned with Alliance Laundry so financing will readily available.

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